Poems by me!!!

November 14, 2008

Snow is falling here and there

snow is falling almost everywhere.

Light and fluffy,

look at my puppy!

She is playing in the snow,

she is covered from head to toe.

Snow means Christmas is soon to come!

What will happen when it all melts away?

Spring will come out and the horses will play!

Winter is my favorite season,

its so exciting,

i’ll scream so you can here it!

If you love winter just like me,

you can go get an artificial Christmas tree!

Even though there are real Christmas trees,

it’s really important to Go Green!


For All Dog Fans, Listen To My Most Dumest Newz EVER! About My Dog

September 11, 2008

My dog just got awesome new bling! You can find out your dog’s collar by finding a whole bunch of random colors online and copy them out and see which ones look best on your dog. Then, buy awesome new bling for your dog!!!

I told you this was the most dumest but awesomeness news EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Panic Ball

June 11, 2008

I recomend this awsome game called PANIC BALL! All U have 2 do is go to www.panicball.com! Then you click on play in a normal window! If U just hit play the game in the big bar it will really just be a weird little box saying whatever the weird little box says!Then U click to start the game!Ur the stick at the bottum & U R tring to catch the round ball that tags the green boxes & stuff falls down! The stuff U really DO NOT want to catch with UR stick is the death sign! It means GAME OVER!

Pop Or Rock?

June 11, 2008

In this quiz you can finally figure out if your destiny is to be a popstar or rockstar!

1. Do you like to listen to

A. Yellowcard or

B. Hannah Montana?

2. Do you watch

A. Exciting, Action Packed Shows or

B. Funny, Dramatic Shows?

3. Would you like pappariatz if you were a big star?


B. Not really

4. If you were a singer, would you have a concert with:

A. Fireworks, Make-up, Lights, and Cool Dance Moves or

B. With your dancer friends, a simple stylish stage, pretty hair, and with scenes that have to do with the song?

5. You think being a star is:

A. Luxury, no school, no boring life!

B. An exciting opportunity, new friends, a MIRACLE!

6. Where would you rather shop at?

A. Limited Too and Foot Locker and Clare’s

B. Kohl’s, JCPennys, and Macy’s

Mostly A’s- ROCK ON! You’re a rockstar!

Mostly B’s- POP ON Pop Star!


More Quizes!

June 9, 2008

sorry peps! I haven’t been on in since FOREVER b/c my computers been down! Well Im Here to upgrade! We have to winners for the last contest!It was Victoria(again) and Alex! The answer was a Wolf! My new prize is a Wizard Couch! The Question is Fav. sport!    A. Socer    B. B-ball   Or                   C. Volleyball!Guess! Guess! Guess! Good Luck to all of you!

Quiz feast

March 21, 2008

webkinz duckI LOVE Quizes! So now i’m going to give you one every month!My March Quiz is which are you more like the webkinz Duck or Huskey?                            #1.My Room is A. Messier than a tornado or B. Cleaner and more orginized than a magazine?                                                      

#2. Do you get A. A’s and B’s on your report card orB. C’s and D’s And I hope not F’s? 

#3.  Do You treat your elders with A. respect or B. like they’re nothing?

#4. Do you try A. your best or B. not much effort in your school and homework?

#5. Do you watch A. an hour or two watching tv today or B. five hours strait on your behind watching tv a day?

If you choose mostlt A’s You are more like the webkinz duck! Your always clean, orginized and Kind! Keepingyourtime orginized! 

If you choosen mostly B’s you choose to always go down the easy life! Just like the Husky! You always want to take risks and be adventuarus! The only thing the Husky would worry about is how far to go until your parents ground you!  


All Kinds Of Dogs And Puppies

March 9, 2008

-I found one! Now bring out the candy!puppies in a wagon Wait your turn, It’s my hot ride!

puppies 1aww cuties  -Awwwww!!!human dogsjumping dogsilly tonguenosedogsYoda  – Is it Christmas or Halloween?sunglasses

Hello world!

March 9, 2008

Hi! My name is Jade and this is going to be a blast! My blog is all about webkinz, music and other neat and cool stuff!